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WLA health

Women play a significant role within family life as mothers, wives, caretakers, leaders, employees and last but not least as business women. Yet, they do not invest enough time in taking care of their health and their social conditions. As gender-specific illnesses continue to significantly impact women in America and around the globe, women must become more active in taking control over their health and social issues. If women do not take necessary actions to negate the prevalence of these diseases and social issues, the impact will continue to be detrimental. With that said, W.L.A. is committed to inform women about the medical and psychological ailments that will mostly affect them. As a result, they can quickly identify the signs and symptoms and promptly seek care from their healthcare providers.

We accept all types of DONATIONS:

  • Monetary
  • Medical books
  • Medical devices (blood pressure and diabetic machines)
  • First-aid supplies
  • Medications (over-counter medications, antibiotics)


Personal Development

WLA Personal development

W.L.A. will encourage its members and women around the globe to seek and improve personal development. We will provide various tools and education materials to empower women to reach their professional, personal and spiritual development. Through various activities, WLA will offer to members and community’s education tools such as setting goals, workshops, coaching, training and meditation



WLA Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” By Nelson Mandela. WLA will reach out to –Individuals, Institutions and Publishers for books reading materials, writing materials, or any educational tools. WLA will accept donations and arrange for their distribution. WLA will also embark on enlightening women on health issues